Phnom Penh

We were meant to leave Phnom Penh on this day which would have been just enough as we were feeling quite down and depressed about the place. Yet we had to book an extra night due to the Cambodian Election Day! There was a mass shortage of staff as every person in Cambodia has to return to their home-town to vote, so of course most places were shut. There were no buses to anywhere else, so we were forced to stay here for one more day! Also due to the election, the night before and during the day everyone was prohibited from drinking alcohol which of course was insurmountable for backpackers in the area! Me and Liam weren’t too bothered as we were feeling delicate from the night before!

We did go on a little city tour on a tuk tuk just to get out of the hostel, although it was literally just to drive past all the main sites as they were all closed! We got a glimpse of the Royal Palace and the National Museum which were pretty buildings and we went to a temple called Wat Phnom which luckily was open but it only took us around 15 minutes to walk around it. By the time we got to the Central Market to explore I had come over with a horrible sickness bug so had to go back and feel sorry for myself for the rest of the day!

I think overall our memories of Phnom Penh may not be very good ones but we have at least taken the opportunity to go and visit these haunting places and pay our respects to the poor innocent lives that were ended so cruelly.


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