Viva Vang Vieng! – Drink, Drunk, DOWN!

We really couldn’t have found a better place than Vang Vieng to celebrate Liam’s birthday out here!! The main attraction of this town is the social aspect and more precisely, tubing!

When we arrived we booked in to the cheapest and closest place we found, got cleaned up and headed straight out to check out the nightlife! Vang Vieng isn’t half as rowdy as it used to be a couple of years ago when hundreds and hundreds of travellers would come and get so drunk while tubing down the river that some even died! The local authorities have put a stop to it so now the atmosphere is much more chilled out!

We had a fantastic night and met some brilliant people including an Irish couple, a Cockney and a French guy! We definitely managed to celebrate Liam’s birthday “good n proper”! We spent hardly anything because soo many people bought Liam birthday drinks, we came back with 2 free T-shirts and walked back to our guesthouse in the torrential rain, so all in all we had an eventful but amazing night! Safe to say Liam felt the effects of the many many birthday drinks the next morning (maybe even the night before haha), lets just say I had my work cut out with this birthday boy!

One thing we did learn on our first night, much to our disappointment, was that the tubing was cancelled! This was only a temporary measure due to the rainy season as the river had swelled to more than double its size and was obviously flowing too fast! We were told that the tubing guys are corrupt so if they aren’t even allowing it, it must be dangerous!!

We decided instead to get kayaks down the river and to stop at the bars along the way! There were some people still tubing down it while we were there, although it was flowing so fast they kept getting dragged past trees and next to cliff-faces! Rather them than me! The views were gorgeous on the way down, the weather was lovely and we even managed to
have a few of our own celebratory drinks on the way down as well! The bars aren’t half as numerous as they were 2 years ago and they even used to have slides and zip-lines which I think we’re the main causes of fatal incidents, but even still we had a really good time!


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