Over (Thai)Land Travel

I have had to put off updating this for a while because we have had really rubbish WiFi and of course we’ve had far too much glorious sunshine to be sitting in writing! I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get you all well and truly up to date with our adventures since Chiang Mai! As I write we are sat beachside next to our lovely hotel pool in Koh Lanta, cant be bad eh?!

Well the journey from Chiang Mai down to the south of Thailand was Leg 1 of our journey!a whole little adventure in itself! We had another night train, something we actually found ourselves missing from China as we have had to endure many sleeper buses instead! This sleeper train was taking us to the big city of Bangkok, which is of course the gateway to the south. When we got on we were pleasantly surprised to find that the train was even nicer than the ones we travelled on in China! It was clean and even though we only got 2nd Class tickets we only had to share our little booth with 2 people rather than 4 more!

Leg 1 of our journey!!

We arrived in Bangkok feeling pretty refreshed and ready to find our next mode of transport to Krabi! We were walking around the city with our backpacks on in the sweltering heat in order to try and find a way to the south bus station as apparently getting a direct bus is a lot easier than getting another sleeper train and then a bus onwards. We clearly weren’t meant to get another bus though because we couldn’t find it and the information people gave us was too confusing! So we just went back to the train station and bought a train/bus combo to get us all the way to Krabi! The only problem was that the train left at 7.30pm that evening……it was only 9am!

So we had a full day in Bangkok to ‘waste’, originally we were a bit miffed because we had already developed a slight hatred of the city from walking around for just 30 minutes. The place is dirty and full of chaos and lots of traffic! We decided to grab the bull by the horns though and visit a nearby shopping centre that the information kiosk recommended! We hopped in a tuktuk and went to the MBK Centre and in the end we actually had a fantastic day! It was like a date day for us both, looking round the shops, going for comfort food and we even went to watch Monsters University at the cinema! We easily killed 9 hours and before we knew it we were back on another sleeper train!

This time the sleeper train had a slightly different layout! Basically their were 2 seats on either side of the aisle. When the time came the stewards came to fold these chairs into a bed and the top bunk folded out from the roof! It was pretty nifty! We both had top bunks and managed to sleep absolutely fine!

We arrived in a place called Surat Thani well rested, although we then had to jump on a bus and then off this into a minivan before finally arriving in Krabi a full 2 days after we left Chiang Mai! The journey didn’t end their for us though unfortunately as we wanted to go to AoNang Beach and the bus company dropped us off in the middle of nowhere with pretty much just their office to help us……of course they wanted us to pay over the odds for a bus there! We decided to just walk 10 minutes back into the town and get a SongThaew, which is basically the public transport over here! It’s a pick-up truck with the pick-up part converted into a seating area! We used them all over Chiang Mai so luckily we were familiar with them! Thank god for the Thai friendliness again as after walking around for 20 minutes, the first SongThaew we came to advised us that even though his wasn’t the one we wanted if we crossed over the road and watched for a white one that would be going our way to AoNang Beach!!

So we finally made it to our beach paradise and yes after a little bit more walking we found somewhere to stay! It could have been a hammock with a tap next to it as far as we were concerned after our journey of nearly 3 days to get here! Ao Nang was a nice place for us to arrive at first as it still has that little bit of civilisation! The beaches in front of our guesthouse weren’t much to write about compared to the ones we have seen since but it was our little paradise for 2 days! Liam even had his first experience of a Thai massage while I had a pedicure! He likened it to the equivalent of GBH in the UK so I don’t think he was too impressed! Maybe next time we will try something a little more soothing together like an oil massage!


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