Railay – Second Love

Railay is definitely up there with one of my favourite places in the world now (although I am starting to feel like I say this a lot! Sorry!). We got on a tiny little long-tail boat for the ride over from Ao Nang, the sea was a little choppy but it was so fun even though we got absolutely soaked wet through! We landed on the beach with our backpacks and had to walk along it with the sea up to our knees! Now that’s real backpacking!
We found a really nice little place to stay with a pool and the best thing about Railay was that it was so tiny you could literally walk around it in about an hour! There are no roads its just paths all the way around! Now when we first arrived we were a bit shocked at the amount of building work going on so it wasn’t love at first sight at all but over the course of 5 nights, we absolutely fell in love with it.

On our first night we went to ‘The Last Bar’ and had a bit of a wild one!! We saw our first Muay Thai boxing match, well Liam did, it wasn’t really my thing so I just got chatting with some lasses. We saw some pretty cool live music and a spot of breakdancing which I even got to have a go at myself. Although this just involved getting thrown around by the main dancer, which Liam was pretty glad about as it saved him from having to throw some embarrassing shapes on the dance floor! Many cocktails later we were the last ones there with a group of Irish lasses! These Irish have the best Craic!

The place we stayed in Railay didn’t have a beach as such, it can only be described as more of a building/landfill site! Luckily we only had a 10 minute walk to get the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever laid eyes on! You practically walk through a cave and then come out under towering cliffs onto a white sandy beach with turquoise waters! This is where we spent most of our time unless we were chilling around our lovely pool!

Initially we were going to miss out a spot called the Viewpoint as the climb up to it looked quite immense! Yet we decided we wanted to see this lovely place from just one more angle so we made the journey up a pretty perilous slope, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft styley! It was definitely worth as well! We clambered down another slope where there was apparently meant to be a Lagoon! Unfortunately it had long dried up by the looks of it and there were a lot of fallen trees at the bottom, but it was still a really cool place because it was so quiet! It was like we were literally in the middle of a jungle, the sounds around us were just a little bit scary so we didn’t linger too long!

We were meant to only stay in Railay for 4 nights but unfortunately for me, it seems that travelling caught up with me for a day and I got sick! We had to delay our boat to Koh Phi Phi and stay one more night! Of course it wasn’t too bad for Liam as he got an extra day by the pool! We were both a little sad to leave our slice of paradise, but we had grown a little too accustomed to the life of Railay!!


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