Sydney – G’Day!

So we’ve been in Sydney for almost 3 weeks now! Apologies for not being able to keep up to date with the blog we have been very busy bee’s!

When we first arrived in Sydney we spent our first week in a hostel, which was an experience to say the least!


Amazingly even though Sydney is probably one of the richest cities in the world and the hostel was mega expensive as a result, it was by far the worst hostel we have stayed in throughout our trip. The only up-side of the place was the people we met there! Our first room was a 12 bed dorm full of post-pubescent little German boys so as you can imagine it was filthy and it stunk! This first impression was not what we needed after a 10 hour journey from Malaysia!

Luckily we changed rooms after 2 nights into a smaller 8 bed dorm where it was still pretty dirty but the people were much more friendly and therefore more enjoyable!

We began our job hunt almost immediately as our main focus now is to top our savings up so we can carry on our journey around the rest of the world! While job-hunting we did get misled a couple of times by the lovely people in the hostel into having our first taste of Goon! Goon is literally the cheapest and most vile tasting rubbish ever but alcohol is very expensive in Oz so its the only option for backpackers on a budget!
Despite this we both managed to bag a group interview for a fundraising job, on the same day at the same time! The interview was probably one of the strangest of my life! It took 4 hours and was split into 5 stages! The group started out 40 strong and the first stage was to introduce yourself and tell everyone something interesting! Me and Liam were nearly crying with laughter at this stage because over half of the candidates were foreigners who said they wanted the job to “improve their English!”. Bearing in mind that the job requires good conversational skills I think they were talking themselves out of the position pretty sharpish! After a heated debate session within the group and a few cuts me and Liam were left in the last 7.

Our last little test was to actually go out on to the street and ask random people just one question about which charity they would give money to if they could. I believe the aim of the exercise was to see if anyone broke down after being rejected as of course the job role would include plenty of that!

When we left and returned to the hostel we got a call from the company letting us know that unfortunately Liam hadn’t got the position but I had!! After all that though I didn’t end up going for the job training anyway as I wanted a job helping or serving people rather than accosting them in the street for their credit card haha!! I was also called by a restaurant to ask for an interview on the same day anyway which I would much prefer!

Hyde Park

After our first week in the hostel was up we had arranged to “Couchsurf” with a local guy called Ritchie. It turned out to be a fantastic thing for us because we were only originally meant to stay for 4 nights with him but we got on so well that we ended up staying almost 2 weeks! All for nothing and we even had our own bedroom and bathroom! It was literally the most helpful gesture we had received since arriving in Sydney and was just that little bit of help that we needed to help us settle into this big city life! Of course to say thank you we cooked him tea every night, it was the least we could do!

While we were there I managed to get a job in a Italian restaurant to fund a little of our new life and Liam even managed to complete Grand Theft Auto 5. Congratulations all round I think?!

Fleet Review 2014

Of course we have done just a little bit of sightseeing while we have been in Sydney, we have seen the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. I won’t lie, I got a little teary walking in the harbour with the view of both of them. It’s really hard to believe that we are in this amazing city, somewhere we only dreamed of back home! And what a fantastic city it is! I cannot explain how beautiful and awe-inspiring it is, its so clean and feels such a safe place to walk around even in the dead of night! We both absolutely adore it here!

Just yesterday we moved into our new little flatshare which will hopefully be our home for the next 6 months so we can save up. We have our own big double room, own bathroom, there is a swimming pool, gym, sauna and jacuzzi on our complex for us to enjoy and we are sharing the flat with a lovely Chinese girl (Yes she will help me practice Mandarin woo!!).

As I said I have a job in a restaurant but I’m hoping to get something more permanent like an administration job and Liam is on a serious job-hunt. He’s been in touch with an IT agency for the last couple of weeks and they are keeping their eyes peeled for any jobs he would suit. Every keep their fingers crossed for us as he has received a call today with an interview on Tuesday for the perfect IT support job!!

As of now I can’t imagine there will be much more to update you all about as its all about working hard and saving up from here on out! Although I’m sure we will be taking some little day-trips and doing some touristy stuff so I’ll make sure to post as much as I can! You’ll just have to bear with us!


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