Sydney – Bondi to Coogee


Coogee Beach

On one of our very few non-work related days (i.e job hunting!) we took the train down to the coast and decided to do the Bondi to Coogee walk, but backwards! The walk is apparently one of the best things to do while in Sydney so it would be a crime for us not to see it!

It didn’t disappoint either! We had a glorious sunny day despite the weather forecast telling us otherwise! We started at Coogee beach and walked along the coastal pathway for just under 4 miles to arrive in Bondi! The scenery along the way was spectacular! We walked through several other beautiful beaches as well including Bronte (wonder if it stems from Haworth?!) and Tamarama which is also know as Glamarama beach because apparently its a beach haunt for the rich and famous Aussie’s!! Unlucky for us we wouldn’t know a famous Aussie if they whacked us in the face!

Gordon’s Bay

On that note though the waterfront properties all along the coastal walk were absolutely out of this world! We definitely had a tad bit of house envy while we were walking past them all! We just had to be content that we would never in our lives be able to live in a place like that!

Coastal Houses

We were lucky enough on Tamarama beach to see the wonderful Sculptures by the Sea art exhibition however. The sculptures were really cool and imaginative. I especially liked the red and yellow flags that were lined up in a huge circle, they looked so nice flapping in the ocean breeze. The best one however was a huge spherical glass ball that caught the reflections of the sunshine, sky and waves. It was pretty peaceful to watch.

Sculptures by the Sea

Just in case the beautiful sunshine and the gorgeous white sand isn’t enough to attract people to come to these beaches they also have public outdoor swimming pools built on them! We stopped at Bronte Beach a long our walk where they also had a lovely park area complete with communal barbecues which quite frankly
is a genius idea! Luckily we had done our homework and we brought a long some sausages to fry off! Its so nice that the parks are actually used for the purpose they were meant for over here, they are genuinely friendly and pleasant places to sit down and relax! Definitely a refreshing change from the local park back home!

We definitely found along our walk that we would be spoilt for choice for nearby beaches to visit while we spend the ‘Winter’ in Sydney!


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