Palm Beach

Another day out of ours was a little day trip out to see Palm Beach which is probably more famously known as Summer’s Bay on Home and Away! Our lovely couch-surfing host Ritchie suggested to go there and asked us to go along with him as he hasn’t actually visited it before either!

Unfortunately our day started out pretty miserable and rainy!! It reminded us of being back in England sat in the car on a journey while the sky looked bleak and grey and the rain poured down! It was really the worst days weather we actually had since arriving in Australia!

The rain did luckily stop for us when we arrived at Palm beach so we managed to enjoy our day exploring a new part of New South Wales! We enjoyed a coffee at a nice little cafe and had a look at all of the boats moored out!

We also had a bit of a trek through a nature reserve to get to Palm Beach and saw some Rainbow Lorikeets! I got a little bit scared that we would see some poisonous spiders or something but Ritchie reassured me that there would be absolutely none in this residential area of Sydney! Think I may have been acting the typical British tourist with that notion!!

I think my mum was more excited about me going to Palm Beach than me as she actually watches Home and Away and she thought there was some possibility of seeing the Braxton Brothers?! Unfortunately I didn’t spot anyone shooting scenes or the lovely brothers, boohoo!! It definitely would of been nicer to visit the beach if the weather had been nicer but nevermind at least we got out and about and managed to see a little bit more outside of the city!


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