Wandering Sydney

Due to the both of us not having steady full time jobs just yet we <3have had to be careful with money and we haven’t been able to explore Sydney as much as we would really have liked to! But luckily there are some really amazing places to visit that we have explored without breaking the bank!

We had a really nice day out walking around Darling Harbour, the Royal Botanical Gardens and right down to Macquarie Point which is THE best viewpoint for the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.
Darling Harbour is pretty much in the centre of Sydney and its an absolute hub of people, it has a really good atmosphere about it. It also got us into the festive spirit as they were in the process of inflating the giant Santa’s on the Harbour, Ho Ho Ho!! There is also a Santa Festival going on around the Harbour as we noticed there were other Santa’s everywhere we turned; on the buildings, the water, the boats and we even spotted one looking out from the lighthouse.

HMS Bark Endeavour

Another fantastic place in Darling Harbour which definitely got Liam a little excited was the National Maritime Museum! We didn’t actually go in properly because we arrived too late but its on our list of things to do! We were able to see all of the ships moored up though including some Australian battleships which Liam is looking forward to actually boarding and exploring when we do go back! I was most excited about the HMS Bark Endeavor replica though, the ship that started our journey for us way back in 1770! I thought I’d seen the ship before as well back in the UK in none other than Whitby! My dad confirmed that we did in fact see the exact same replica in Whitby around 2002 when the maiden voyage was recreated for a TV documentary!

Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens were the perfect place to spend a Sydney’s summers day, we had the perfect vantage point looking out towards the harbour, the bridge and the Opera House while sitting on the lush green grass! The gardens were incredibly pretty and well maintained, it was easy to lose track of time just soaking up the sunshine! It was also really strange being in such a nice peaceful park but with the stark contrast and backdrop of Sydney’s huge Skyscrapers!


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