Sydney – Aussie Christmas

It’s safe to say that being away from our families during the Christmas period has been a very strange experience! We struggled to get into the festive spirit as it didn’t really feel like the kind of Christmas we have come to know and love! Instead of being snuggled up in onesies and blankets, getting up earlier in the morning to scrape ice off our car and buying presents for our loved ones, we are in shorts and t-shirts in the blistering Australia heat! It’s definitely at times like this that you come to appreciate that no matter how much we crave to explore this big wide world sometimes nothing beats being at home with family.

Sydney Town Hall

Even though it has been a strange experience it’s also been an amazing one too. It’s difficult to stay upset about being away from home when you walk around this gorgeous city, they don’t do anything by half in Sydney and there is always something going on!

We have had plenty planned to keep us occupied as well; we attended Liam’s works party which was a really good night and we also spent our Christmas Eve having a meal and watching the fireworks down on Darling Harbour.

We had planned to spend Christmas Day in typical Aussie manner, down at the beach with a barbie with plenty of meat and sunshine! Although unfortunately it seemed Santa had different plans for us and he decided that we needed a little reminder of home in the form of grey skies and torrential rain J! We didn’t mind too much as we just got snuggled up and had a Harry Potter marathon, not unlike a day we would have back home!

We missed our family loads and we both wished that we could have been back just for the day. So the best part of our Christmas Day was Skyping all of our family back home; we would be absolutely lost without technology keeping the link between us all! My little brother telling me that he woke up at 5am on Christmas morning because he heard a bang on the roof and Santa’s jingle bells was the best present ever and properly brought a tear to my eye!


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