Gold Coast

So the Gold Coast. It’s safe to say we all had an absolutely amazing time! So much so that we didn’t want to go back to Sydney (first world problems eh!).

We arrived in the GC at around 11:30am so we had plenty of our day left and were expecting to get picked up my Graeme, Ashleigh’s papa and he would drop us off where we wanted to go! Got an absolute belter of a surprise when Ash came to pick us up herself! Was soo good to be reunited and there was plenty of catching up to be done!

We all decided to get straight on with the fun stuff and headed off to Movieworld to hop on some big scary rides………well I say “we” but I just mean the real men i.e. me and Ash because the girls Liam and James couldn’t hack it :)! There was a kids Scooby Doo ride that James managed to convince himself to go on though so fair play and Liam did man up and  go on a few of the grown up rides!! We even managed to fit in time to see the parade because there was literally no queues!

When we got back Ash’s lovely mama and papa had cooked up a Barbie for us!! What a treat! We got absolutely treated like kings while we were with Ash! After that though it was time for Future Music Festival preparations and an early night!!

We got up bright and early for the festival, mainly just because we were absolutely giddy as! The boys would be spending the day shopping and soaking up the sun while me and Ash went to rave and dance our little butts off for the entire day and night! The atmosphere was electric and the music was brilliant at the festival! It was good to have a well needed girly day and just go crazy wild dancing! Oh I do love festivals, the only place its accepted to dance like a raving lunatic! After the festival had finished (boohoo!), we went and met the boys in the centre of Brisbane to continue the raving at a club after-party as well!

As you can imagine, we were all feeling incredibly delicate after a full day on the razz! Although we managed to drag ourselves out of our pits to go spend a day on one of the gorgeous Gold Coast beaches! We went to Burleigh Heads which is one of the local beaches rather than the touristy ones! Finally some well-needed tanning time! We sat on the beach for a good few hours then headed on round the coast through the Burleigh National Park which had some pretty cool views of Surfers Paradise in the distance! We then went for a dip in Tallebudgera Creek (or just Talle!). It got real deep real quick in the creek so I didn’t go too far in as Ash had informed us that Bull Sharks like to play in the area!! I would love to see one but knowing that they are there and I can’t see them just creeps me out!!

The day after we all went to Wet ‘N’ Wild hoping to catch a few more rays! This was short-lived though as the dark grey clouds loomed over head! We managed to go on pretty much all the big slides and stayed out while it rained a little, although none of us could hack it when it started absolutely belting it down! That evening we went out with all of Ash’s family to a lovely Thai restaurant to say thank you to them for being so kind and generous to us! Like I said, they made us feel so welcome that we didn’t want to leave!

Hey cutie!

On our final day in the Gold Coast before our evening flight back we had a trip to Seaworld. Strangely James had been particularly looking forward to going so we decided to make a quick trip of it! It turned out to be a pretty awesome day, there were some really good rides as well as seeing Polar Bears, Penguins and Sharks (my favourite!!). James even managed to talk himself into going on a roller-coaster with us all! We also watched a sea-lion show and a dolphin show for which Ash got picked to go up and touch the dolphin!!

It’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later!

After that it was time to pick up our bags and say goodbye to the Melrose household (boohoo!), Ash dropped us off at the airport the little cutie and we said our goodbyes! I’m sure we will see our fave little Ozzie/Kiwi somewhere else in the world sometime soon though, she can’t get rid of us that easily!!


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