Byron Bay

First stop on our journey up the coast was Byron Bay, we had a 11 hour overnight bus journey from Sydney to get there but that was no problem for me and Liam, we have definitely had worse journeys!

Byron is a lovely place, a far cry away from bustling Sydney, its a laid back hippie town which suited us down to the ground for a few days of chilling out.

The beach was stunning and obviously we spent quite a lot of our time there, when it wasn’t raining that is! We also saw a guy doing some sand art which was pretty amazing.

Of course as we were back on the backpacker trail, no stay in a hostel is complete without a good old drink! We met some nice people in Byron and had a few nights out including a night spent drinking on the beach which was very entertaining!!

Me and Liam also visited the Byron Bay Brewery to add a little bit of culture into our journey! We had a platter of the 6 different beers brewed right in Byron Bay, I have to say they were pretty tasty as well!

On our last day we had a walk out to the very end of the beach towards the lighthouse as this is the most easterly point in Australia. We sat watching the surfers which is always a cool sight while the sun was slowing setting in the distance.


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