Noosa – Campfires, Goon, Pikeys, Spiders, Canoes and More Goon!

After our almost disastrous journey to get to Noosa and being saved by the friendly Aussies we were extremely happy to arrive at our new hostel. We got there pretty late on but still managed to catch the check in before reception closed. We even got an upgrade to a double room, well we say ‘upgrade’ as of course a double room is for 2 people, we are 3 now! Me and Liam were pretty happy with the set up as we got a nice comfy double bed together for the first time in what felt like forever, whereas James definitely got the short straw in the form of a little single camp bed at the bottom of ours! We got a pretty good night’s sleep anyway ready to be picked up for our bush-camp trip the day after!

Now when I say bush-camp it may conjure up images of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”. I would love to say it was nothing like that at all, yet unfortunately I can’t! It was the same type of set up! We first got picked up by Dave ‘the bush-camp boss’ and he took us to the supermarket to pick up supplies for our 3 nights stay. We got basic food supplies but stocked up on plenty of goon to get us through the experience!

When we were driving to the camp we actually had to go on a muck road through a big gypsy camp, Dave advised us that the gypsy’s are the closest other inhabitants to the bush-camp, worrying much? We of course thought that it would be at least a little further past the gypsy camp to our camp, turned out they were literally right next to each other!! The camp is situated in the Australian everglades, not the most famous but it’s one of two of the only everglades in the world.

Our first nights’ accommodation was in a ‘dorm’. We have had some pretty grim experiences of dorm rooms but this one has to top it all! It was nothing like a dorm at all, it was more like a base camp. My biggest fear is spiders, safe to say I was pretty messed up staying here! Liam had to kill 2 for me before we went to bed and saw at least 6 more! In the end I was that frightened we just had to share the top bunk of the tiny hammock style beds!

The first day’s activity, or should I say the only activity at the camp other than drinking copious amounts, is canoeing! The guys at the bush-camp literally just show you a vague map tell you which direction to head in and send you on your way! My best friend had the perfect description for canoeing/kayaking any type of paddling activity…….”divorce boat”!! Although by the time me and Liam were going back to camp we had the motion down to a tee, we were synchronized and storming off in front of everyone else!

We canoed to a tree swing, that no-one used mainly because the water was filthy. It may have also been due to the fact we had been told there were sting rays and leeches lying in wait in the water too!

As I said the only other thing to do in the camp was to sit around, drink and socialise with the other happy campers! There was a fake beach, not as well made as the Brisbane one by any stretch though as it was literally just a load of sand dumped at the riverside! We spent a lot of time there and also in the very basic camp kitchen. Cooking meals was a chore as there were very sparse utensils, pans and just 3 hobs between over 30 people!! The only saving grace in the camp was that the toilets and showers were half decent, although they were pretty filthy by the end!

We even managed to spot some more of the local wildlife while we were in the camp, ants in absolutely every single nook and cranny imaginable, frogs hopping about in the night and rats in the kitchen! Would have preferred a lovely kangaroo or a koala but can’t have everything can you!

The best part of the camp by far though was when we and all the people we met made a joint effort to collect firewood and we actually got a really good campfire started every night! It was the most social and fun part of the camp, it was really cute when the guitars were brought out and the boys got to jam together for the first time in almost a year! On our last night it unfortunately rained which definitely put a dampener on the evening, especially when it came to sleeping in the tents which you spend two nights in. I mean the tents are by no means comfortable at all but when you’re sleeping next to a puddle of water it makes it 10 times worse! It beats been in an insect-ridden base camp dorm though!

After moaning about the conditions of the camp pretty much all the way through and looking forward to getting back to a normal hostel with a normal bed, looking back we all really enjoyed the camp. It was definitely an experience both good and bad I suppose, but we met some new friends saw some old ones as well……there’s just some people that keep popping up on our journey haha! It’s something that we would certainly recommend to others though even if it’s just for a couple of nights because through it all we had a right laugh!!


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