Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach was pretty much chilling out and taking stock time, although I’m really glad we came. It turned out to be a little diamond in the rough. Most people only spend the one night here before or after they have done the Fraser Island trip but we are doing that from Hervey Bay instead.

It rained for 2 out of 3 of the days which meant we didn’t feel lazy for doing absolutely sweet nothing while we were here. I’ve managed to get back up to date with the blogs and chill out after our bush-camping trip. Even having a comfy bed again is a novelty!

We have a really nice pool, which for a hostel is really good especially the fact that you can see through the water as well is a bonus! We spent a day chilling by the pool and soaking up some well needed sunshine after the rainy days!

On our last night we did the hostel guided tour up to Carlo Sandblow to do some sandboarding and watch the sunset. I’ll be honest we weren’t really expecting much at all we were just doing it so we actually had something to show from coming to Rainbow Beach! Although once we got up there and we were stood on top of a humongous sand dune it was pretty spectacular. On one side you looked down towards Rainbow’s small town and the other out to the vast ocean. We even found out the reasoning behind the name Rainbow Beach! The sand is so many different colours and shades, it’s stunning.

I was looking forward to trying out sand-boarding, seeing what the fuss was about, although that suddenly changed when we walked up to the top of the slope and I saw just how steep the incline was! Liam bit the bullet first and had a go down it and after he and James reassured me I decided to have a go as well! Turned out it was scary but still exhilarating nonetheless!

On our last evening there was a games night through the hostel that we all got involved in, only due to the prize being free alcohol! The first game was hilarious, it consisted of having to bend down to pick up a box with only your teeth and keeping only your feet on the floor! Of course they made it progressively harder! Liam couldn’t even do the first round but James managed to get through a couple impressively! I got to the last round but buckled when I couldn’t pick the flat piece off the floor! Gutted! Then we played the old classic musical chairs which got a bit rough when someone pushed out of the way that hard I cut my fingers on the chairs!! Then Liam was our last chance at some free beer when he had to get his flip flop in a basket…..unfortunately he didn’t win that one either but it was a good laugh and made a change from your average drinking games!


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