Ayr – Regional Work

So we are finally at our destination of Ayr. It feels like it was months ago since we left Sydney, which had started to feel almost like home. We have definitely had our ups and downs with this farm work. When we first applied for the job it sounded perfect and we thought we were extremely lucky to get picked as a three for it.

The work is specifically picking Zucchinis, nothing glamorous but its work and it’s what we need to be able to get our second year visa in Australia. To be honest we’ve heard plenty of horror stories about the regional work. We’ve heard of people been scammed, people having to stay in working hostels after promised work but haemorrhaging money while waiting and even been physically abused on farms! I think in part it might be Chinese whispers but we were aware that we needed to be careful.

Throughout our trip up the coast we have been trying to keep in touch with our farm boss so she was aware that we were still very interested. We got plenty of information from her about what we would be doing and what we needed to take with us. There are plenty of rules we have to adhere to including no smoking, no drugs and no partying which is fine by us as we are purely there to work and earn. What we could never seem to get out of her though was a start date, now I can understand this a little bit as you can never tell with the weather.

However the closer it got the more difficult it got for us and the more worried we got! In Agnes one of the girls working there started to give us even more horror stories which really didn’t help, but it was when we arrived in Airlie that we really started to worry.

Our boss wrote back to me and advised that we had to go to a working hostel before starting on the farm….exactly the sort of place we had heard so many bad reviews about! She also said that it was first come first served and apparently there were already quite a few people at the hostel so they would be taken to her farm first and everyone else would be brought in dribs and drabs. Not what we wanted to hear when we thought that we had definate work and would be starting straight away!

The worry went from bad to worse when we saw that the hostel was charging $30 a night!! Absolutely scandalous as we were only paying between $15-24 up the coast!

Once we arrived in Ayr though our worries were put at ease just a little. The hostel prices weren’t as bad as we first thought because there was a discounted rate of $145 for a week which means we won’t run out of money just yet! 10 people were getting taken to the farm as well, leaving just 6 of us in waiting. Although by the end of the night they had requested 3 more people to arrive at the farm the next day, leaving just us three as next on the list. At first we thought we would be at least a week off starting but we started to feel more positive as people who had arrived just a couple of days before us were taken to the farm. We were expecting to be taken ourselves on Monday but by some stroke of luck we got a call Saturday night and our boss asked for us to arrive on Sunday morning!

We’ve arrived at the farm now and heard of course that the work is backbreaking and it’s not going to be easy at all but we are looking forward to getting straight into it tomorrow!

On the farm we don’t have any WiFi and I imagine we will probably have a pretty poor phone reception so all being well this is the last blog for at least 3 months! Maybe even more if we are managing to save and can still handle the work!

Hopefully the next blog I write will include plenty of happy tales about our shenanigans on the farm and not a whole lot of moaning about how rubbish it was


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