Magnetic Island – Saying Goodbye

So after 4 and a half months of being isolated with a bunch of the best people we could have ever met, we’ve had to say goodbye and it’s now just me and Liam back on the road again. It literally feels so strange to be the two of us when we are so used to just walking into the kitchen at the farm for a chat or sitting out on the grass on an afternoon. Our safety net has now disappeared and we are back out into the big wide world of backpacking!

Magnetic Island was a fantastic place for us to all spend one last weekend together though, we’ve had a brilliant time, I can honestly say that I have never laughed as much! My belly was aching from the sheer amount of belly laughs we have had! Of course we spent most of our time drinking; either around the pool, in our rooms or at one of the few pubs on the island!!

The island itself was stunning as well, one of the days we hired a few 4×4’s and had a drive around the different beaches, bays and viewpoints and then we finished it off with a bit of off-roading to get to the most western point of the island. We sat down with some food, a beer and the best company to watch the sun set over the sea.

The details of our days and nights on Maggie just cannot be explained to anyone else, no-one else would understand the laughs and the banter that we had and they probably wouldn’t find it half as hilarious but seriously we have had the best time ever! They say that regional work is meant to be both physically and mentally demanding which I guess at times it was, but I would do it all over again, I would take the pressure, early mornings (don’t laugh guys I know I got up a lot later than everyone else haha!), hard work, aching muscles, all of that just to go back and spend 4 months with my friends on the farm.

Saying our goodbyes was emotional to say the least, Liam got especially upset when saying goodbye to James of course, even though we know we are seeing him in Sydney at the end of the month the thought of carrying on our journey without our travel buddy was awful. We spent our last few hours sat with Lauren, Laura and Kate by the pool and it already felt strange that everyone else had gone. We’ve lived together, woken up to each other, eaten together and worked together and there hasn’t been a single day when we haven’t seen each other’s faces! It seriously feels like we have known each other forever.

We reminisced and realised that spending 4 solid months together is practically the equivalent of being friends for 3 years! On that farm everything was exaggerated and accelerated at an alarming rate but it cuts out the crap early on, you see the best and worst of people quickly you see what people are like in the morning or late at night, when their hungry or tired and you become comfortable very quickly and bond with the people that you get along with. Things like that usually take months and years to work out but of course it only makes it all the more harder to say goodbye!

I know for sure that we won’t lose touch with our farm family and that we will see them somewhere else in the world at some point along our trip, well I would like to think so anyway! We know for certain that we have 2 more days to look forward to in Sydney then it will really be time to say goodbye to James, Laura, Lauren and Kate but at least we have the next 3 weeks to settle into it just being us 2 again and hopefully the transition will make it easier to say our real goodbyes! It really is the hardest part of travelling having to say goodbye to people but this is ten times worse and its emotionally drained me and Liam more than I would like to admit but we have to keep going onwards and upwards donning our backpacks again to travel onto Cairns and then to begin our next big adventure across Oz in our hired campervan!


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