Port Lincoln – Shark Cage Diving

Cage Diving with a Great White Shark was something I never ever thought I would do; I thought it was only people in that area of expertise that would be able to experience the thrill as the Great White swims past. So when I saw that this is only 1 of 2 places in the world that you can experience it, I set my mind to doing it.

We had to be up early of course to board the boat at the Marina. It is a very good job that morning that I was so excited about the dive as when we parked the van up and got our day bags out an enormous huntsman fell out!! I don’t even want to think about how long the beast had been in there!

The boat took around 3 hours to get to the Neptune Islands which is where the crew dropped the cage and begun to lure in the sharks we had all come to see! Poor Liam though was extremely seasick all the way there and it sort of ruined the day for him. He was looking forward to some proper food but couldn’t manage to eat anything! He did however do me proud and got into the cage, albeit just for 15 minutes! A mixture of the sickness and his huge fear of fish meant he just couldn’t stay any longer than that. All in all we saw 8 different sharks that day which is apparently a really good turnout because of course being wild animals they are hit and miss! I spent the full allotted 45 minutes though of course! Being down in that cage and looking around for those fearsome creatures was terrifying even though I knew they couldn’t get me, I was still very aware that they are predators. Searching around in the blue gloom for any sign of them and then out of nowhere they appear, fast as lightening and as large as a car! Even when we weren’t in the cage we still got some fantastic views of the sharks as the other guests were in the cage. We watched countless times as they fired themselves from the depths and emerged faster than our eyes could see to snatch the berley from the boat.

Sharks as a species are very misunderstood; people see them as ferocious man-eating monsters. Yet I see them differently, they are just curious not man-eating and although they are super effective predators they really aren’t interested in eating us! Due to the stereotype that they have though, people tend to disregard them from a conservation point of view. I hate to go into a conservationist rant but it’s something I feel genuinely passionate about! Over 90% of the shark species has been wiped out mostly due to cutting of their fins for shark fin soup a delicacy in China. As a result they are one of the most threatened species in the world! All for an expensive tasteless soup! The rogues that cut the sharks also throw the rest of the maimed shark back into the ocean once they have taken the fins. It is all such a pathetic waste and eventually there won’t be any more sharks. After seeing a documentary about some conservationists on the boat Liam and I are feeling pretty strongly about it!


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