Lovina Beach

So for the past few weeks our time has literally consisted of relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and lots and lots of beach time!

When we first arrived on Bali after our 3 day excursion through Java we were just ready to well and truly take it easy! We decided to head towards a more obscure beach area of Bali called Lovina as we knew it wouldn’t be jam-packed full of tourists and therefore hopefully less touts as well!

We weren’t really expecting much more than that from Lovina as usually when a place isn’t as touristy it may mean it doesn’t have as much to offer. However Lovina surpassed our expectations in every possible way! Even looking back now we are still a little sad that we didn’t stay longer there as we didn’t realise just how good we had it!

We managed to get a really cheap little beach style hut (just £7!) amongst a lush garden setting with an absolutely stunning crystal clear pool! Not only that but we seemed to have the entire place to ourselves for the majority of the time, like our own private pool! Of course we spent plenty of time lounging around the pool and just generally relaxing!

Lovina itself is quite small and spread out so we didn’t walk the length of it and the beach is comprised of black volcanic sand so it’s not your typical paradise beach at first glance. However it’s still a really cute quaint place to get away from it all and have a bit of a retreat.

The best part of the Lovina though was the delicious food that was on offer at the various cafes and restaurants; it was all so cheap too!

After 4 nights at Lovina though we felt as though it was time to move on to pastures new as we were starting to feel like holidaymakers rather than backpackers!


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