Langkawi has turned from a sleepy little island off peninsular Malaysia into a huge tourist attraction, mainly for Malaysians however its radiance has lured a lot of Europeans and Asians in too! The main attraction for some people though is that the entire island is duty free! Which means of course that everything from electrical goods to alcohol is tax free! We did get drawn in to this just a little, not a lot of course as we are on a budget, but the tax free chocolate was just too cheap and too tasty to turn down!

Langkawi has delivered everything we could have possibly wished from Malaysia within just 6 days! We’ve spent the entire time exploring the entire island off the back of a moped and we have honestly loved every second of it! We had to pinch ourselves many times riding a long an open stretch of road with rice paddies next to us, maybe a few grazing buffalo, the sun shining in the sky and the mountains towering over us from every side!

Couple that with the fact that it also offers some stunning beach vista’s as well as the most stunning waterfalls set amongst lush rainforest, well you have the perfect holiday spot for pretty much anyone! The best thing was that there was hardly anyone there!

We didn’t have the best of weather for the first few days; it was always pretty cloudy and overcast! At one point we even got caught in your classic monsoon style downpour, while on the bike no less! We definitely made the most of it and saw plenty of beautiful beaches dotted around the island. We also had a ride up the Langkawi cable car, which is apparently the highest in Asia (still sceptical about these kinds of claims, we’ve heard it all before!!). Thankfully I was concentrating fully on the views from the top, if I had thought about actually going up in the cable car beforehand I probably would have freaked out! I did not realise just how high and steep it went up either! However by the time I did start to freak out we were already hundreds of meters in the air hanging over the rainforest and it was too late to back out!

The view from the top was 100% worth it though of course! Luckily we had chosen a pretty clear day despite the foreboding clouds in the distance, so we managed to see the collection of islands scattered around Langkawi as well.

While in Langkawi we managed to find some amazing places to eat, which we were quite happy if not excited to return to each day! It continued our love for the concept of Nasi Kandar which we tried in Penang. A place called Tomato which had rave reviews was our favourite spot for literally the best curry I have ever eaten! Liam was in his element and even he said it was the best he has ever tried! I know that when we have left Langkawi we will forever crave the taste sensation of a freshly made Butter Chicken Massala and Garlic Naan from Tomato!

Another place that we didn’t find until the last few days was Siti Fatimah. It was more of a lunchtime place as it was the Nasi Kandar concept of buffet food. However it was the cheapest, best value meal we have eaten in a long time! It was merely £1 a plate to fill with whatever delights you choose! The food was delicious as well!

The real highlight of Langkawi for us though was the waterfalls! Monsoon season and cloudy skies doesn’t really promote a beach attitude, however the high rainfall makes it the perfect time to visit the waterfalls! We went to one of them right after a big downpour and it was stunning as the water was cascading down the rock face into clear pools of water! Perfect for a refreshing dip! We weren’t the only ones at the falls of course; there were plenty of locals frolicking in the water! It’s amazing that instead of a public baths they just ride on to one of the falls to go for a swim or mess about with their friends! It was really nice to see!

Although there is a slight moment of sadness as I look through some of the pictures of the waterfalls, as this is where our faithful digital camera met its end. It’s been with us from the very start; it was what we took our pictures of the Great Wall of China and on the back of Elephants in Thailand. I’ve even taking it snorkelling in a special case before we purchased the GoPro, so it seems ironic that it has died after a small drop of water infected its insides L! It’s definitely picked its moment as well, as we are on the brink of trekking into the Borneo Rainforest looking for Orang-utan’s without a proper camera!


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