After a year of silence on here the sudden spurt of updates are due to my new adventure starting in January when I leave Australia as I wanted the blog to be as up to date as possible! I’ve been meaning to post the ones I already had written about the Philippines for some time but I just never found the time being so very busy and living life in Perth!

Now I have been forced to update the blog and there’s some changes that I didn’t foresee writing about at all. It’s not the easiest thing to write about and even though I’m fine it will probably always hurt just a little bit. I’d rather write the truth though than sugar-coat it. Perth has been a rollercoaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs from start to the very end. I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed this sleepy little city because I have had some incredible times here but ultimately this is where the journey for me and Liam together ended.

When we arrived we stayed with my mum’s friend Carina, Chris and little Woody and Layla. To be honest it feels strange even calling her my mum’s friend but that’s how it started. Now they are more like my Australian family, they looked after us both when we arrived and continued to keep an eye on us and care for us even when we moved out and into the city! Like a proper family! They did so much for us, helped us set up our little life in Perth and I am sure we would both have been very lost without them. Massive thanks to them and their friends for making us feel a little bit of home away from home.

Perth was meant to be where we tried to settle and start a life together, we aimed high and said we would try to get sponsorship and ultimately residency to live in Australia. We started with such high expectations and thought we knew everything involved with the process. We both got good jobs and things looked positive for us, we knew that no matter what we would put all of our efforts in to trying to stay.

While in Perth we saw plenty of the surroundings and made sure we played hard while working hard! A highlight at the beginning was definitely the month long Fringe Festival around the city
where we went to see an absolutely incredible circus show and attended a funky silent rave as well as all the other crazy stuff that was happening in the streets! We went on a few road-trips including one up north with our flatmates to see the Pinnacles and one down south to visit the stunning Margaret River region! We also had a fantastic trip out into the Swan Valley for a wine tour which turned into a very eventful day and evening! Days out to Fremantle, Cottesloe and Scarborough were part of the norm, beaches that I daresay are even more beautiful that the ones on the East coast of Australia. We did so much in the 8 months that it would be impossible to condense it into a blog, but I definitely found that Perth had more hidden gems than I first imagined.

We both met plenty of brilliant people here in Perth, some that turned into amazing friends that I know I will always stay in touch with. My work was a highlight of my time here as I genuinely enjoyed my job, which included a great social scene; being taken out for Friday drinks and meals on a regular basis! We even both did a charity Mudd Rush obstacle course with all of my work friends which I had to organize! The only downside of the job was that they couldn’t keep me longer due to my Visa restrictions!

That’s when things started to fall apart as I had finished my fantastic job, Liam had also finished his; working in the BHP Billiton building, one of the largest in Perth and a highlight in the city skyline. It would’ve been hard for him to top that anyway but he was also struggling to find another due to his visa status and we were getting scarily close to the end of our visa. Our time was running out and the visits to the migration agent to find a solution had proved futile.

We realised around this time that if we weren’t able to stay, live and settle in Australia our idea of what happens next was very different. We both wanted to see and do different things and as hard as it was to leave it had to be done. I think it’s even harder to do it when there’s no arguments or fighting going on because it feels like its fine when it’s not, which is why we may have put it off for so long. It’s definitely not easy leaving someone you have been with for almost 7 years, especially with all the memories we have, the places we have travelled and the hard times that we have pushed through together before. However we both have a mutual respect for each other and just want the other to be happy in life. That’s all that really matters in the end.

I decided that I couldn’t stay in Perth and that I would leave for Melbourne for a fresh start and to enjoy a new and exciting place for my last few months in Australia. It was really hard to leave the good friends that I had made and they were the only thing that made me give a second thought to leaving but I am truly glad that I did as Melbourne was the first step on my new adventure all on my own!


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