Laguna Bacalar

Its a tropical paradise but one unlike I’ve ever seen before. It’s not the usual white sandy beach and blue ocean you come to associate with a paradise. Instead I found a vast blue lake which certainly lives up to the name “seven coloured lake”.

 I spent my time at Laguna Bacalar at Casa Tortuga, a chilled out hostel based right on the edge of the lake albeit a fair distance from the centre of town. It was the sort of place to get lost in your thoughts and simply just enjoy the view. Apart from that there isn’t much great activities to be had; although frankly what more do you need!
 My sleeping quarters at the Tortuga took me right back to basics as I decided to opt for the tent option and do some penny pinching! Even though I’m actually not completely geared up to cater for camping I managed to get some of the lounge chair cushions and make the best of it! It was surprisingly comfortable to be honest and waking up every morning, climbing out of my tent and having the most stunning view in front of me was worth it all!
 On the one day I wasn’t simply frolicking in the lush warm water I did take a walk to the local Cenote Azul with a friend which was pretty cool! If not a little disconcerting swimming in essentially a 40ft deep pool of water (one of my fears!)!  Another activity I can imagine would be worth doing in Laguna Bacalar is kayaking, although I didn’t actually manage to do this as the water was extremely choppy while I was there! However many of the hostels, including my own, have kayaks available for free!
Cenote Azul


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  1. The photos are gorgeous! Hope you had a great time, I definitely need to put this on my travel list 🙂


    1. WanderGina says:

      Thanks a lot! Yes the Lagoon is stunning, worth a visit if you find yourself in Mexico!

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