Trinidad was a quiet chilled out little town, perfect for wandering around and getting lost! It actually reminded me a lot of Antigua, Guatemala with its pastel coloured colonial buildings. However it had the added charm of vintage cars and that electric Cuban atmosphere.

Despite reading other reviews that Trinidad has a high hassle factor with a lot of touts harassing you, I actually didn’t experience that as much here as I did in Havana which was quite a pleasant surprise! As a result I spent my days wandering the streets between the various parques and plazas. The Casa de la Musica is also a great spot to relax, people-watch and enjoy some salsa music; you can even get up and throw some shapes if you feel comfortable.

One thing you absolutely cannot miss in Trinidad is the infamous “rave in a cave” at Disco Ayala just out of town. I genuinely didn’t know what to expect, a small part of me thought it would just be a small bar in a cave that was hyped up to be better than it actually is. The truth is, it’s actually the most amazing out of this world club I have ever been to!

You pay the $5CUC to enter and then descend the steep stairs into the depths of the cavern. At first it looks like a normal cave, albeit with a huge “Disco” sign outside, however you follow the passageways through and emerge into an enormous natural cavern! The subterreanean disco has bars and seating areas carved into the walls and pulsating lights shining on the overhead stalectites creating an incredible ambience! The music might not be for everyone but the cheesy Reggaeton, Bachata and Salsa beats sure did it for me; it’s my new favourite music at the moment while I’m tuning into my Spanish Latin vibe! I was enjoying the vibes so much that I didn’t manage to get any photo’s! I did however remind myself of the epic-ness when reading another blog, while also learning a little more about the cave’s reported chilling past as home to a serial killer!


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