Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox is most well-known as the place to go for a personal up-close encounter with some magnificent gentle giants; Whale Sharks.

As a huge lover of sharks in general and my ultimate dream being to swim free with all varieties of sharks it was of course top of my priority list to visit this little island in the north of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The whale shark season is between June to September and luckily enough this coincided perfectly with the time I would be in Mexico.

Holbox itself didn’t blow me away, the beaches left a lot to be desired after being accustomed to the clear turquoise waters to the South and I thought it was quite pricey compared to the other destinations I have visited. It didn’t seem that it had much else to offer apart from swimming with the Whale Sharks, however due to that every hostel in the town was packed to bursting! We barely managed to get a room at the brand new opened (noticeably so) Bucanero’s Hostel. Looking back personally I would have preferred to have skipped the long journey to Holbox and the overpriced hostel’s and just stayed in Mujeres to participate in the Whale Shark dive as it was still possible from there.

All said and done though the island doesn’t distract from the fantastic experience of snorkelling with the Whale Sharks! On initial sight of the magnificent creatures, with their enormous fins poking from the surface of the water, it truly hits you that although not man-eaters they look the very essence of a shark! With that comes a completely natural instinct of fear although that’s soon overcome with the awe at the sheer size of these gentle giants.

Swimming alongside them is not something I even have the words for! Watching as it opened it’s gargantuan mouth in the plankton rich waters as I desperately swam to keep up with it! It was yet another incredibly precious and memorable moment that I’ll treasure forever!




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