Mahahual was decided as the next destination after Holbox simply because we wanted somewhere with a reasonably good beach, cheap food and a good atmosphere. The atmosphere left a little to be desired, it was super tranquil but definitely not a party-place, but two out of three isn’t bad! The beaches are absolutely stunning with that clear blue water we had been craving of course and a reef that breaks the waves making it a really chill place to go for a swim! Food was great and easy to come by as well, whether you wanted the typical mexican tacos in the backstreets or something a little more upmarket in the beach front restaurants. It’s a cruise ship destination around 3 times a week and it seems that’s all the destination is geared up for; the one day a cruise ship did dock the beach town was bustling! You can practically sense that everywhere is waiting for the arrival of the boats each week!

Our main activity while in Mahahual was yet more diving! Myself and the Aussies were mere Open Water divers before Glen decided to initiate us as his test model and first dive students! We managed to organise a boat and guide through one of the local dive shops with Glen as our Advanced Open Water Dive Instructor! Not what you know but who you know hey!

The sites themselves were (apparently according to Glen) pretty average but it was more about learning more skills and becoming more comfortable as a diver! As a result though I am now officially an Advanced Open Water diver and you can read more about the course in detail here!


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